The Venus Groove

Cruise Ship Music Duo

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Craig and Nadia Tracy form the nucleus of The Venus Groove and have a deep history in live performance, sound design, sound production, composition and theatre arts.

Nadia has formal training in drama and music at Wollongong University, and has won awards for her acting performances. Nadia was also nominated as Best Singer in the 2001 West Australian Music Awards. Craig has a Degree in Music Technology and has also completed formal music training at Victoria University and Berklee Music College Online School. Craig also holds an Advanced Diploma in Jazz and Performance.

Craig and Nadia have enjoyed success as both a covers duo and as original recording artists. As Hot Jam (covers), they performed at some of Australia’s finest casinos as well as island and ski resorts throughout Australia and abroad. Hot Jam toured steadily for approximately six to seven years in the late eighties to mid nineties. As Myrtle (originals), they enjoyed local success in Perth, Western Australia and recorded an album which received nationwide airplay. They were also nominated for awards, headlined at local awards nights and significant festivals, performed in Berlin and Amsterdam, and were a well known feature of the local music scene in Perth.

After Myrtle, Craig composed and produced music for professional theatre and several short films, then later, studied for his degree, and then taught music technology subjects at Victoria University. Aside from being a professional guitarist and singer, Craig is also an accomplished audio technician, sound engineer, sound designer, and composer.

Nadia also has formal training in the dramatic arts and music, and won acclaim for her powerful performance as Sally Bowles in Cabaret and won an acting award for her performance as Mrs de Winter in Rebecca.

Craig and Nadia’s careers have morphed and twisted over the years but they have always been talented performers and have been entrenched in the music and theatre industries their entire adult lives.

They are genuinely excited about this next chapter of their careers, and the opportunities that may bring. Craig has completely overhauled the technology and repertoires from their early days and are now presenting the absolute best of their years of experience and talent.

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